The band left the UK on 27 August 1980 for a tour which would take them first to New Zealand and then to Australia.

In New Zealand the band travelled first to Auckland for the first weekend and then by coach, via a number of centres including Rotorua, Hastings and Palmerston North before the second weekend of the tour in Wellington.

The band then moved onto Australia visiting, this time by plane, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne before joining the Salvation Army Australian congress in Adelaide. After that there was still time to return to Sydney for one final concert before returning back to the UK on 25 September.

A copy of the tour itinerary and personnel list  and tour diary are available here by following the links.

  • Australasia Tour 1980

  • Wellington, New Zealand 1980

  • Sydney, Australia 1980

  • Congress Tattoo, Adelaide, Australia 1980