Enfield Band in Brisbane 1980


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In 1980 the band undertook a highly succesful tour of New Zealand and Australia.

Recently a private cassette recording of part of a concert that the band presented in Brisbane was given to us.  We have attempted to digitally remaster that recording and it is now presented here as a complimentary download.  The tracks are all included in a zip file and in mp3 format in order that you can play them from most devices.

The tracks include:

  1. Faith is the Victory – Curnow
  2. Gowans and Larsson Overture – arr. B Broughton
  3. Rhapsody for Cornet and Band – Bowes (Soloist: Keith Hutchinson)
  4. Word of Grace – Bearcroft (Soloist: Michael Savage)
  5. Quintessence – Redhead
  6. It’s New – Larsson
  7. Better World – Bearcroft (Soloist: Peter Wise)

This is not a commercial recording but an attempt to reflect, from a personal recording, a significant event in the history of the band.  I hope you enjoy this as much as we did on that tour.