Classically Enfield

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A new CD of arrangements from the classics, providing a variety of well-known excerpts from the classical repertoire and featuring soloists Christopher Deacon and Dudley Bright, Salvationists who are also active in the orchestral world world.

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  • Fanfare preceding La peri
  • War March of the Priests
  • Komm süsser Tod
  • Overture to The Magic Flute
  • Queen of the Night’s Aria
  • Soloist: Christopher Deacon
  • Concert Piece
    Soloist: Dudley Bright
  • Poem
  • Overture to Beatrice and Benedict
  • Lend me your aid
    Soloist: Dudley Bright
  • Themes from the New World Symphony
  • Trumpet Concerto 2nd & 3rd Movements
    Soloist: Christopher Deacon
  • Sound an Alarm
    Soloist: Dudley Bright
  • Hallelujah Chorus