Canadian Staff Band celebrates 50 years service

Garry AmbroseNews

A message to Bandmaster John Lam and the present and past members of the Canadian Staff Band.

We congratulate you on the completion of 50 years of continuous service in the pursuit of Evangelical Outreach, Christian Fellowship and Musical Excellence in your Territory and beyond. As several founding members of your current group had previous association with the Tottenham Citadel Band, we are particularly proud that those members and the service they gave provided the foundations for half a century of witness that continues today. We trust your celebration weekend was everything you hoped for and was a fitting tribute to all that had made it possible.

Best wishes and God’s Blessings
The Local Officers and Members,
Enfield Citadel Band.

Former Tottenham Citadel bandsman and founding member of the Canadian Staff Band, Deryck Diffey, joined the current band in their 50th anniversary celebrations during a performance of “Just Like John” reprising his solo break.