Barnet – 14th June 2003

Garry AmbroseReports

An ‘interesting’ evening’ even by Enfield standards!

The band arrived at the lovely St James Church in Barnet to discover that it had no music! The Sunshine Club had taken the music cases with them on their holiday trip to the Isle of Wight. Fortunately Barnet is quite close to Enfield so there followed a mad dash back to the bandroom to scrape together some music to make up an alternative programme from music that was in the repertoire two or three years ago. Items performed included Celebration, Sound out the Proclamation, In the love of Jesus (Soloist Maurice Patterson), Call of the Righteous, William Tell Overture and Themes from the Italian Symphony. Quite a test of the band’s mettle but, according to those listening, passed with flying colours.

An evening to remember, nonetheless!